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 Workshop on Air Quality and Atmospheric Composition Metadata

Dublin, 5-7 Sept. 2012

The GEO AQ CoP is a self-organized voluntary group that fosters the application of Earth observations to air quality management and science. Its participants and its main beneficiaries are members of national and international science teams, data portals and decision support activities. CoP activities include sharing tools and best practices and facilitation of standards-based networking of air quality data systems using GEOSS data sharing principles. 

The collection, management and access to atmospheric composition and air quality data are undergoing rapid changes towards web-based, interoperable data services. Although significant efforts are presently dedicated to facilitate access to these type of information, severe limitations for linking information from different platforms, programs, data centers and research fields arise from inadequate definitions of metadata. In order to enhance the connectivity of the global network on air quality and atmospheric composition data, the community of researchers and practitioners needs to articulate their needs, identify the most relevant facets of metadata, and try to reach consensus on terminology and structure.

More information about the workshop objectives and some background material can be found at the ESIP Wiki page.

 Notice Board

Important: a contingent of 25 rooms for 120 €/night has been blocked at the meeting hotel. If you are interested to book one of these, please book directly at the hotel ( and mention “GEO AQ COP”.


Dr. Martin Schultz, IEK-8, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany or 
Dr. Leonor Tarrason, NILU, Norway