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 Goals of the Workshop

The next meeting of the GEO AQ CoP is organized together with the preoperational GMES Atmospheric Service (MACC-II) and links to the GISC activities under the European Environment Agency. It invites emissions experts, air quality modellers, satellite data users, in-situ observation experts to express their views on the description of air quality and atmospheric composition data and to help advance the standardisation of metadata in these fields.

Workshop goals:

1. review the international metadata standards in terms of their applicability to air quality and atmospheric composition needs,

2. establish a community consensus on the metadata structure and terminology for air quality and atmospheric composition,

3. identify interconnections among different geographic and thematic areas from emissions to observations and model results on atmospheric composition, and

4. provide recommendations on possible ways to implement the consensus metadata structure and terminology.

The workshop will consist of plenary sessions and a full day of discussions in thematic and cross-cutting working groups.

More information about the workshop objectives and some background material can be found at the ESIP Wiki page.


Dr. Martin Schultz, IEK-8, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany or 
Dr. Leonor Tarrason, NILU, Norway